What is fat secret?

Fat secret is a snip 20 token from the secret network. It will be available on the secret network’s AMM and might be perhaps among the first secret tokens available for sale on the platform.

Why should I buy FATS?

Although there will be other snip20 tokens available on the platform fat secret will be among the first which will give it first mover advantage. Also unlike other privacy cryptos in the past fat secret will have 0% inflation. That’s right, you heard me, 0% inflation. 1000 fat secrets were minted and there shall be no more fat secrets from here on after or your money back guaranteed.

What are the fat secret stats?

  1. Name:Fat secret
  2. Symbol:FATS
  3. total supply:1000 fat secrets
  4. circulating supply:1000 fat secrets
  5. Decimals:3 decimals.

What is the smallest denomination called?

The smallest denomination of FATS is called a calorie

How can I earn more fat secrets?

You can earn more fat secrets by providing to the liquidity pool when it comes out with FATS+Secret, thereafter you’ll earn a percentage of all trades or you can stake at FATS node.

What is the distribution?

I have 221.101 fats the community has the rest.

Why did you name it fat secret?

Since fat secret will have lower supply I’m expecting it to have a higher price than secret, fat secret will be secret, but fatter.